You can’t make a lot of money with a great starting hand, It will be a waste

Raised thin-field poker technique that appears to move with pocket pairs – To illustrate this very important message, let me tell you about a hand I recently played. It’s not a unique hand; You may have had the same poker hand several times.

In a $ 4-8 limit hold’em game at my local casino, sitting in a cut-off position (just before Button), I was dealt to the Kings – the best pre-flop hand (second only to AA). KK is a “made” hand that can win a pot even without raising. Now, I know it’s best to play a hand against two or three opponents – not four or more.

With more opponents holding out to see the flop, the hand is made to be underdog – more likely to lose than to win. And, with fewer than two opponents standing, you can’t make a lot of money with a great starting hand. It will be worth it.

It was a rather tight table, so I wasn’t surprised when only one opponent before I called saw the flop. My turn to take action: Starting with the artificial hand, I usually tend to raise; however, with just one limp in front of me, I reasoned a preflop raise might force the players behind me – Button and two Blinds, who haven’t acted – to fold. Then, I would just be left with a limp, who – unless he had very strong hands – could follow and dirty his hands too.

Even if he does call for a raise in my salary, with just one opponent it will definitely be a small pot for me to win. So, I just called the bet – no raise. Button and Big Blind (BB) limped off, getting me three opponents I was trying to see the flop with me.

“Good,” I thought. “Now I can win a decent size pot.” Fortunately for me (I thought) the flop was: 9d-4d-6h and not containing an Ace which would be a threat to my KK.

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