Lottie Deno played poker all over Texas before traveling to New Mexico with her husband Frank.

Coming from France (until they mention it), Eleanora Dumont covered the entire west from Deadwood to Tombstone, eventually opening a gambling hall called Vingt-et-un (ie “21”) and a brothel. Maria Gertrudis “Tules” Barcel√≥ – whether Mexican or French, depending on the historian you read – runs the famous sedan in Santa Fe. Belle Siddons, also known as Mrs. Vestal, is a “lighthouse queen” change dancer in various salons from the midwest. Besides Kate O’Leary, he is another businessman who eventually owned a gambling den in Dodge City, Kansas.

Faro is a game that is often associated with women, even though they play a lot of poker. For example, while not caught up with crooks, liquor makers, and other popular Old West types, Belle Starr is often played and won at the visit dominowalet parlor poker game prior to the shooting of mirakelus in 1889.

Minnie Smith is another dealer and poker player in Colorado. Lottie Deno played poker throughout Texas before traveling to New Mexico with her husband Frank, where the couple escaped from a gambling den. Mary Hamlin, also known as “Maria Owl”, is a poker player and con artist who is said to have been involved in several famous robberies. One of the patterns that gave investors the trapped sale of fake shipping rights to Mississippi to investors, another time and the rising popularity saw him and several meters duped the San Francisco bank with diamond scams.

In general, these reports of female players (both contemporary and) take notes to draw attention to their beauty, with their appeal to men serving them well at the table, while a moment is sometimes considered an element in the narrative of the violent dispute. “A stimulating creature with dark hair, brown eyes, and fair skin,” says Chris Enss, author of more than a dozen books on Wild West women, by Belle Ryan (for example), and this is how often I present these brave damsels.

In some of their eye-catching problems in the world of male-centric salons and cards form a contemporary response to them. Much has been made, for example, of Kitty Leroy’s favorite to wear men’s underwear. A late 19th-century novelist who introduces Belle Starr as a “Jesse James woman.” And in the future, Eleanora Dumont receives the unfortunate nickname “Madame Mustache” due to the shadow of the upper lip.

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