KudaQQ – The dealer turns over his hole cards and guesses what happens

With our Low Pairs there are 16,215 possible outcomes. Most of it will yield nothing. Some will give us Journeys and some will give us Two Pairs. When we add up the total payout and divide by 16,215, we get about 0.82, which is higher even than a 4-Straight Card with three High Cards. So, the proper play is Low Pairs.

A very similar hand is the hand with the Low Pairs which is also a 4-Card Flush visit KudaQQ. However, a Flush pays 6 instead of 4 and there are nine cards that complete the Flush. Thus we have a potential payout of 54, which when divided by 47 gives us an expected value of 1.1-plus. So, in this case we are playing 4-Card Flush!

There’s no guessing or staring at the screen trying to figure out which card will come up next. The simple reality is that the next card is completely random.

Unlike blackjack, there is no potential for any type of counting. Thus, the Expert Player will use the math to guide him to play the hand the right way.

Now, obviously under any circumstances, you may find you are better off playing it some other way. You decide to hit that 16 just to get 10 and bust. The dealer flips his hole card and it is 6 and he has 13 and will be damaged if you don’t hit. This doesn’t make it your fault. Nothing in our strategy tells us it will always be a better game – it’s just that it will be a better game in the long run.

With the arrival of his father, Rick, Mercier made WSOP history by winning two gold bracelets and finishing 2nd in a grace period of seven days.

What made this feat even more amazing was Mercier conquering the best player in the world in a championship event.

No other player has achieved such success in today’s poker. Other players approaching this feat are WSOP bracelet champion Phil Hellmuth and poker legend Ted Forrest, who each won three bracelet events in a 13-day grace period in 1993.

Today, Jason Mercier’s lifetime competition income is over $ 17 million, putting him in 11th place in the cash breakdown of poker’s lifetime. He has five WSOP gold bracelets, being the 3rd youngest player to reach that number, behind only Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey.

With only a third of the WSOP over, there is a chance Mercier can win his 3rd WSOP bracelet in 2016, so only the 7th player has ever done that.



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