KaptenPoker – It’s okay to wait for another gambling table when you see too many sharks

You are a regular / frequent player at the local casino or card room. After playing there two or three times a week for a number of years, you became somewhat familiar with the “regulars” who also played there a lot. From long experience, you know their style of play and nature, maybe some of them tell about it.

After registering at the table to play the game of your choice, the $ 4- $ 8 hold’em limit, you patiently wait for a seat to become available at one of these tables visit KaptenPoker.

Meanwhile, you scan several tables and observe the players involved. Ten minutes later, you are called to a chair that has just been vacated at one of the tables. As you walked to the table, you studied the players who sat there closer. Do you recognize it? What kind of players are they? How big is their chip stack? (Lots of chips means he’s way ahead.)

As a result, there may be circumstances when you decide you would rather not play at that table and would rather wait a little longer for another table. I call it WAT – Wait for Another Table. Here are two examples

Too tough

The table is too hard for you.

Before taking that empty seat, you realized there were two very skilled players there, who – from previous experience – you felt sure you couldn’t beat. Maybe they “read” you well. You can never bully them. Faced with reality, you think they are too skilled at the game – more so than you.

Sure, you’ve come to a casino to play poker, and want to enjoy playing for 6-7 hours or more. But you want to come home victorious. Why did you hold yourself back in the first place? I would be willing to take a risk with one very skilled player – call him a “shark,” but not two or more.



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