Are your hole cards a fair investment at this point?

The question you need to ask yourself is what chips you initially put in the pot. With just you and one enemy still at hand, the pot doesn’t grow much – poor pot chances. Besides, you only have marginal drawing hands; It is impossible to multiply – if really – at unsuccessfulness. You can want increments of one in 3x with such a hand. If so, chances are you will match one of your hole cards – not a really strong hand.

So, the wise decision is to fold your arms, and wait for better opportunities. Don’t act under the impression you have to keep the chip you originally put in the pot – it’s the pot, not yours.

If you don’t believe it, think of another example: You are given a K-10 that fits right in the middle. Aggressive starting place enemies open increased stakes. Two other players mentioned. You decide to go together to see what isn’t working. Looks like it makes a good sized pot, and your hand has plenty of chance to raise it. In all, five of you see the odds: 10-8-5 rainbow.

You have the top pair on the board. The starting place reopens the bet. With a top-pair, as well as a good kicker – King, you plan to call the stakes. When you wait in turn to take action, the enemy to your right holds the pot. Try putting it at a specific distance, you can guess it can catch a set, or have a pair that gets bigger in the hole. You know he is a tight player, and you have to have a good hand to always see the odds. However, you are thinking: “I already have a lot of Chips in the pot, maybe I should call to see the turn.”

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