Tropical House

Thero & Caye Give Frankie’s “Problems Problems” A Summer-Season Facelift

The “tropical house” world is about to get flipped on its head, and it’s not gonna know what to do with itself. Thero has taken on Frankie’s hit single, “Problems Problems,” and given it a summer-season facelift with a dash of deep house sexiness to really spice things up. His whole “Be Smooth and Groove” lifestyle really shines true here; from beginning to end, this production flows with ease and invokes O’ so many feel-good thoughts. Deep 808s give this track some serious “umpf,” as lighthearted guitar-play interacts with a tropically inspired percussion arrangement, while pitch bent vocals and various samples are sprinkled in for creative detail. Just when you begin to think “O this is a fairly atypical tropical house track,” 17 year-old rapper, Caye, comes in with a new set of lyrics that act as response to Frankie’s originals, making this more than just a remix. The back and forth between the characters provides a truly unexpected dynamic. Thero’s really knocked it out of the park with this one, and we can’t wait to see what he drops on us next as summer really kicks into gear. Enjoy below and grab the free download here.

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