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Stream Tribulation's Catchy as Hell New Prog-Death Metal Favorite "The Motherhood of God"

Leading with a reverb-heavy clean guitar, Tribulation's "The Motherhood of God" expands on the band's lore as current Swedish death metal scene leaders yet followers of the traditions of yesteryear. Progressive without the wankery and endlessly ripping, the mostly clean track is a ripper and catchy as hell. Stream it below along with the previously […]

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Revel in the Past with Death-Obsessed New Supergroup Gruesome

Metalheads love a good tribute band. Remember the County Medical Examiners? They ruled the pathologically-obsessed goregrind roost until Carcass themselves awakened from their self-dug dirt nap and got back on the gore horse. Immortal is no more, but Abbath's Motorhead tribute act, Bombers, is in fine fettle; alongside The Iron Maidens and Judas Priestess, they've got the market […]