Spray Paint – “Thrash Master”

Less than three months after unleashing their last collection of scuzzy, sarcastic post-punk on the world, Austin trio Spray Paint are gearing up for another. The first song we’re hearing from Dopers is the gloriously named “Trash Master,” in which they spit lines like “That motherfucker’s had his shirt off since last October” and “That […]


Spray Paint – “Day Of The Rope”

Austin postpunk trio Spray Paint made noise last year with their album Clean Blood, Regular Acid. They’re already ready to follow it up with a new album called Punters On A Barge. And rather than cleaning up their frantic, withering sound, they’ve made things even noisier and messier on their new track “Day Of The […]

Rock / Heavy Metal

Do Your Best Not To Dance to Spray Paint's Discordant Post-Punk Heater "Polar Beer"

Austin's Spray Paint touches on discordant post-punk on their latest burner "Polar Beer," due on their forthcoming LP Punters On A Barge. Anchored by monotone, robotic vocals, "Polar Beer" bounces along with an atonal bent chord as the primary melodic vehicle, driven forward by a simple drum beat and adorned with squelches of noise. The Fall comes […]