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Punk Rock Gandalf: Jerry A of Poison Idea on Pig Champion and the New LP ‘Confuse and Conquer’

Photo by May May Del Castro I grew up in Portland, Oregon even though I was deported by the FBI for Moral Turpitude-corruption, and involvement in organised crime. I’m a good wee boy now, back in Bonny Scotland milking cows, shagging sheep and hunting the elusive haggis. No, seriously, we’ve all either imploded, got ourselves buried […]

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Elephant Rifle Invites You on a "Bone Voyage" of Self-Hatred and Spiteful Noise Rock Fun

Apparently Reno has stuff other than strip clubs and songs about Reno. As Brad Bynum, singer for the very excellent rock group of amphetamined reptiles Elephant Rifle explains, it’s hard to separate the band from their town. Maybe they wanted to escape at some point but feeling things was a long time ago. As American popular intellectual […]

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Do Your Best Not To Dance to Spray Paint's Discordant Post-Punk Heater "Polar Beer"

Austin's Spray Paint touches on discordant post-punk on their latest burner "Polar Beer," due on their forthcoming LP Punters On A Barge. Anchored by monotone, robotic vocals, "Polar Beer" bounces along with an atonal bent chord as the primary melodic vehicle, driven forward by a simple drum beat and adorned with squelches of noise. The Fall comes […]


"Let's Get It Started" with Bill Mountain's Urgent Post Punk Firestarter

What happens when you add Fela Kuti horns and percussion, spazzed-out Contortions-y sax, wild Ian Svenonious vocal delivery to a rolling thunder post-punk burner? Bill Mountain, a sophisticated five-piece post punk band from the very rural Houma, Louisiana provide the nitro with their urgent new single, "Let's Get It Started," a call to arms if there ever was one. […]

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Listen to Mean Jeans and Their New Burner, the Garage-Punk Compilation 'Singles'

Before the kids discovered that you can (but maybe shouldn't) make rock on accordions, xylophones, or pretty much any instrument used in orchestra, they were making simple and fun garage-y rock n' roll. Remember those days? Mean Jeans do, and their compilation Singles attacks with driving nuggets of pure pop punk greatness.  Compiled from tracks orginiating […]