Stream Silicon Personal Computer

Silicon’s new album, Personal Computer, is a commentary on our tech-addicted contemporary surroundings, as demonstrated by the singles “God Emoji,” “Burning Sugar,” and “Cellphone.” But while the New Zealander’s album could be a dark, alienating electronic work, Personal Computer is an inviting experiment in funky electro-pop. It ushers you in, and until people start praying […]


Silicon – “Cellphone”

Silicon’s Personal Computer is shaping up as savvy commentary on our technology-saturated modern state. Our isolated online existence is a subject everybody and their dog with a blog has taken a crack at, but “God Emoji” and “Burning Sugar” both gawked at today’s gadget culture from a pleasingly unique slant. “Cellphone,” which premiered at Spin […]


Silicon – “Burning Sugar” Video (First Listen)

Silicon is the self-described “pop-aspersion” project of Hawaiian-New Zealander Kody Nielson, the brother of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Nielson. The video for “Burning Sugar” from Silicon’s upcoming Personal Computer caters to the internet’s revitalized idea of retro-futuristic aestheticism. When Nielson sings of sugar burning, we see gold-painted hands holding a spoonful of sugar being burned […]


Silicon – “God Emoji” Video

Silicon is the New Zealand zigzag-pop project of Kody Nielson, who calls Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Nielson his brother among other qualifications. The multi-instrumentalist has delivered a tropical, alien video to accompany his feathery-funk groove “God Emoji.” Glowing eyes, thick jungle and deranged, floating heads abound in director Sam Peacocke’s clip. Watch it below.


Silicon – “God Emoji”

New Zealand’s Silicon is the new self-described “pop aspersion” project from multi-instrumentalist Kody Nielson. If the debut single, “God Emoji,” is any indication, pop aspersion means super-funky synth grooves layered sweeter than a wedding cake. The lyrics “Don’t want to go out on a Saturday night” are repeated throughout the track, but it would be […]