Stream Shamir Ratchet

The 20-year-old Las Vegas singer Shamir Bailey is one of the most exciting new voices we’ve heard in a long time: A liquid, ebullient tenor whose tracks bubble over with personality and charisma. Shamir blew up on the strength of the awesome half-rapped novelty “On The Regular,” but he’s just as adept with volcanic disco-house […]


Shamir – “Darker” Video

“Darker” is a complete 180 from the unbridled mania of Shamir’s early Ratchet singles “On The Regular” and “Call It Off,” but the ballad is more in line with the meditative portions of his fantastic Northtown EP. Some massive, sweeping shots from director Anthony Sylvester show Shamir in the desert mountains, as the light transitions […]


Shamir – “Call It Off”

Shamir completely dominated at SXSW last week. His effortless diva energy surges through the crowd regardless of stage size, venue or hour of the day, and after debuting plenty of new material at the festival he’s given us an official new recording. “Call It Off” is a jumpy self-empowerment anthem that celebrates dumping someone with […]