Rock / Heavy Metal

Stream Nothing's Cover of Nirvana's "Something in the Way"

On April 18, Robotic Empire will release their second Nirvana tribute, Whatever Nevermind, which features a number of bands covering the 1991's iconic Nevermind in full (for those of you somehow wondering, yes, this is the record with the naked baby on the cover). Below, Noisey is thrilled to premiere a cut, which sees Philadelphia's Nothing taking on "Something […]

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Stream Flatbush Zombies Producer Erick the Architect’s Mixtape ‘Arcstrumentals Volume 1’

Photo by Jessica Lehrman Earlier this month, Flathbush Zombies producer Erick Arc Elliott—who goes by Erick the Architect (and who has a pretty sick first name)—put out a limited release of 500 packages that included a cassette mixtape called Arcstrumentals Volume 1 (his first solo effort since 2011), a T-shirt he designed, a patch, and a […]

Rock / Heavy Metal

Deathly Doom Crew Foehammer's New Album Will Pound Your Sunday Into Dust

Foehammer live / photo courtesy of Foehammer Baltimore's best-known to the metal community as the home of Maryland Deathfest, but any hesher worth their leather also knows that Charm City and its surrounding area boasts a pretty damn impressive local scene. Case in point: Foehammer, a newly-minted trio who hail from a DC suburb and have summoned utter […]