PINS – “Live And Let Go” (First Listen)

Last month, PINS released their moodily infectious sophomore album Wild Nights, which we designated Album Of The Week. On 8/21, they’re releasing “Dazed By You,” one of the album’s jangly tracks indebted to ’60s pop, as a single. B-side “Live And Let Go” is a fitting companion, offering up a darker echo of the same […]


PINS – “Molly” (First Listen)

After the sulky brooding of initial single “Too Little Too Late” and the dreamy flurry of “Young Girls” PINS are somewhere in between the two for their third single “Molly.” Casual drug joke references aside, the song is a moody, suggestive track that broods by on a bubbling guitar that eventually hijacks the song. The […]


PINS – “Young Girls” Video

We named PINS’ single “Young Girls” one of the 5 Best Songs Of The Week back in April, taking note of their young/wild/free and listless attitude. The song will be released on PINS’ sophomore album, Wild Nights, which is due out next month. The new video for “Young Girls” finds the Manchester-based band in their […]


PINS – “Young Girls”

On the splash page for their band website, all four members of Manchester dream-punk quartet PINS are shotgunning cans of Budweiser. They’re achieving this trashy rite of passage with varying degrees of success, but one thing is clear: They’re having fun. It’s a moment that captures the spontaneous, mischievous energy that courses through their music, […]