Outfit – “Framed”

I stumbled upon spacey Liverpool rock group Outfit when they released “On The Water On The Way,” a song that prompted me to listen to their forthcoming album, Slowness, in its entirety several times that same night. The English five-piece band crafts the kind of intuitive, wavy psych-rock that seems to waft in-between phases of […]


Outfit – “On The Water On The Way”

Liverpool five-piece Outfit are releasing their second album Slowness in June. Though the band originates from that British city, the past few years saw them living in different cities and countries. Chalk the new album’s psychic fluidity to the physical distance and emotional uncertainty that long distance creates; it sort of lengthens and stretches relationships […]

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Outfit – “Genderless”

The Liverpool five-piece Outfit have maybe the most generic band name anyone could ever imagine, but their off-kilter, synthy art-pop sound is plenty distinctive. The band will release their sophomore album Slowness in a few months, and first single “Genderless” is a queasy lurch that builds up to a stormy climax. Taking about the song, […]