Michael Rault – “Too Bad So Sad” Video

Canadian psych-pop weirdo Michael Rault is fascinated by sadness. Between today’s video for “Too Bad So Sad” and last fall’s “Still Not Sad,” I’d say he has the topic pretty well covered. Thing is, neither of these songs actually sound sad at all; they both churn sweetly on carbonated psychedelia. The video for “Too Bad […]


Michael Rault – “Lover’s Lie”

Listening to Canadian psych-pop purveyor Michael Rault’s new song “Lover’s Lie,” I was immediately reminded of Faith Healer’s Cosmic Troubles. Since that’s one of my favorite releases this year, that’s a compliment. But considering they share Edmonton in common, I’m wondering if that city is turning into a psychedelic hotbed? Though Rault has previously released […]