Metz – “The Swimmer” Video

Toronto sludge-monster power trio Metz are a day away from releasing their mean-as-fuck new album II. And after sharing the early tracks “Acetate” and “Spit You Out,” as well as a stream of the whole album, they’ve made a video for “The Swimmer,” another, big, heavy bag of hate. Director Scott Cudmore‘s clip for the […]


Stream Metz II

The thundering Toronto pigfuck power trio Metz wrecked whole worlds with their 2012 self-titled debut. They took their time in putting together II, the big follow-up, but it’s finally about to arrive. The new album is leaner and more direct than its predecessor, but it also has bigger riffs and bigger hooks. It’s just a […]


Metz – “Spit You Out”

Toronto scuzz-assailants Metz will put out their sophomore Sub Pop release II in early May, and we’ve already heard the record’s debut single “Acetate.” Today, Metz are sharing “Spit You Out,” a caustic and spitting single that initiates with a rapid-fire drum-beat. Alex Edkins told Fader the following about the song’s title: