Låpsley – “Hurt Me”

Låpsley’s come a long way from the tentative, glitchy whispers she made in her bedroom on “Station” and her debut Monday EP, but she hasn’t lost the spark for vulnerability. Even against a more lush background, her sincerity shines through on “Hurt Me,” her latest one-off single that comes out today. (Earlier this month, we […]


Låpsley – “Burn”

I once compared Låpsley to Adele crossed with the xx, and those elements are still present on “Burn,” the B-side from her upcoming “Hurt Me” single. But as long as we’re playing musical multiplication, how’s Joanna Newsom x Thom Yorke sit with you? Contrary to its title, “Burn” finds a soulful, pixie-like melody cast against […]


Låpsley – “Brownlow” Video

The British singer Holly Fletcher, who records as Låpsley, makes intimate and finely structured electronic pop music, and she made her big debut with her Understudy EP earlier this year. The video for her song “Brownlow,” which follows her clip for “Falling Short,” is a nice encapsulation of everything she does well. It’s a thoughtful, […]