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The question you need to ask yourself is what chips you initially put in the pot. With just you and one enemy still at hand, the pot doesn’t grow much – poor pot chances. Besides, you only have marginal drawing hands; It is impossible to multiply – if really – at unsuccessfulness. You can want […]

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Raised thin-field poker technique that appears to move with pocket pairs – To illustrate this very important message, let me tell you about a hand I recently played. It’s not a unique hand; You may have had the same poker hand several times. In a $ 4-8 limit hold’em game at my local casino, sitting […]

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The Negreanu – Negreanu version of the requirements as a professional poker player describes what a poker player must go through to achieve that financial goal. He must win enough, he warns, to pay his bills (food, rent, medical care, travel expenses, etc.) and still have enough left over for the hefty poker banknotes. To […]

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There is a frequently asked question from some poker players as they leave the casino, walking slowly and with difficult gestures in their faces: “Why don’t I stop while I’m still in front?” The reality is that few players have excelled at odds – winning significant amounts; but they were “still silent” to their seats […]

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played live; don’t be fancy. The main focus is on playing strong starting hands, folding weak hands. I’ll be teaching a new Texas hold’em poker class soon to seniors 50 and over. This will be a first for the Freda Mohr Multipurpose Senior Center in Los Angeles. Over six class sessions, 1.5 hours each, the […]

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Playing and winning online poker is a science. It is a skill and an art of understanding things that most players take for granted. When you register for an online poker game. Remember not to have time to sort out any game options with these limitations. By sorting this out, you are also limiting your […]