Q&A: Johanna Warren On The Spiritual Awakening That Wrought Her New Album + Stream nūmūn (First Listen)

Johanna Warren is frequently depicted as an all-seeing celestial body. Even without knowing Warren’s unique spiritual leanings, it’s near-impossible to listen to her sophomore album and not consider the Portland-based singer to be some kind of unassuming sage. nūmūn overflows with lofty observations, rambling bits of advice ensnared by Warren’s inimitable voice. These are the […]


Johanna Warren – “True Colors”

Next month, the Portland folk singer-songwriter Johanna Warren will release her luminous, incantory sophomore album nūmūn. It’s a concept album dedicated to the phases of the moon, and it’s just as lush and fluttery and mystical as that might lead you to believe. Warren has already shared the songs “Less Traveled” and “Figure 8,” and […]

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Johanna Warren – “Figure 8″

When writing about Johanna Warren, it’s tempting to refer to her as an “ethereal” or “celestial” or “otherworldly” presence. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because they are all apt descriptors; Warren has the composure of a wise elvin sage, someone who in their 20-odd years of living has somehow managed to transcend earthly trivialities. […]