Stream Elvis Depressedly New Alhambra

Making a record that could supersede the unexpected success of 2013’s independently-released mini album Holo Pleasures probably would’ve been maddeningly difficult if Elvis Depressedly hadn’t adjusted their downtrodden demeanor. The result of their efforts is New Alhambra, a record that Mat Cothran and Delaney Mills wrote while living in a friend’s sunroom, the light trickling […]


Elvis Depressedly – “Wastes Of Time”

Elvis Depressedly close out their upcoming album New Alhambra with “Wastes Of Time,” a reservedly hopeful footnote on an album that’s filled with the kind of optimistic squirming that’s present on early singles “Bruises (Amethyst)” and “No More Sad Songs (n.m.s.s.).” It’s difficult to stay positive in the “sad world we were raised in,” but […]

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Q&A: Elvis Depressedly On Their Forthcoming Album New Alhambra + “Bruises (Amethyst)” (Stereogum Premiere)

New Alhambra + “Bruises (Amethyst)” (Stereogum Premiere)”> “Bruises (Amethyst)” is a perfect summation of Elvis Depressedly’s forthcoming LP, New Alhambra. The track commences with the sound of a YouTube puppeteer spouting prophecies, but soon afterward, Mat Cothran’s ability to pair the painful with the sublime comes to the surface: “And your first kiss bruises/ Of […]