EDM Electronic

Here's Cheerleader's "Sunshine of Your Youth" Getting a Sweet Remix by Plastic Plates

It happens infrequently, but it's happening right here: Plastic Plates' remix of Cheerleader's "Sunshine of Your Youth" is better than the original. Well, at the very least it's totally different. The Philly quintet's composition is a slice of catchy-like-crabs indie with the kind of power-pop chorus made for summer roadtrips.  By contrast this remix—premiering below—is less wide open […]

Rock / Heavy Metal

Jeanne Added Radiates Blood and Glitter in "A War Is Coming"

The theatrical, bass-heavy sounds of French up-and-comer Jeanne Added boom like the second-coming of Amanda Palmer on her track "A War Is Coming," the video for which, makes it's Stateside debut below. In it glitter and blood are the central focus—along with insane up-close shots of Added's face and eyes. The black-and-white visuals make for a gorgeous performance […]