Stream Malportado Kids Total Cultura

Providence, RI’s Malportado Kids make music that casual observers might label as “world music” if they weren’t aware that the band’s members, Victoria Ruiz and Joey La Neve DeFrancesco, also front the prominent political punk band Downtown Boys, who just released their latest record, Full Communism. My personal beef with a genre label like “world […]


Downtown Boys – “Wave Of History” Video (First Listen)

Downtown Boys’ video for Full Communism single “Wave Of History” is a radical infographic, a collection of facts that should be grouped together in American elementary school social studies classes, but probably aren’t. These accumulated figures accentuate the historical basis for contemporary domestic issues that have plagued U.S. society since its foundation, namely: economic inequality, […]


Downtown Boys – “Wave Of History”

If you’re still unfamiliar with Downtown Boys, then it’s time to get acquainted. They’re a six-piece bilingual punk band hailing from Providence who emote the kind of noise that’s so all-consuming, so overwhelming, that you can practically roll around in it. They are politically motivated and completely unafraid, riding on the kind of enviable conviction […]


Downtown Boys – “Future Police”

Downtown Boys smacked us upside the head a few weeks ago when they released their enormous, cathartic single “Monstro” off of their forthcoming LP Full Communism. They’re a young band making the kind of informed, politically-charged punk that’s definitely not missing in contemporary music, but lacks a strong platform upon which to spout ideas from. […]

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Downtown Boys – “Monstro”

Somewhere between the Springsteen-channeling saxophone solos and frontwoman Victoria Ruiz’s rapid-fire bilingual, political lyrics, you almost lose track of the ever-escalating punk fury building behind her — that’d be the Downtown Boys. It’s not that Ruiz isn’t one of the boys on every musical level, but on “Monstro” when she’s screaming “SHE’S BROWN! SHE’S SMART!” […]