Cillie Barnes – “Earthquake Season At The Crystal Convention”

“You’ve got to get through the shadows to appreciate the light,” Cillie Barnes wisely opines on the refrain of “Earthquake Season At The Crystal Convention.” It’s a comforting notion on a song that plays out like a nursery rhyme for adults. Barnes previously debuted “Facework,” a brooding, shimmering condemnation of betrayal, and while “Earthquake Season” […]

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Cillie Barnes – “Facework”

“Facework” wriggles like a centipede across your skin. Cillie Barnes’ voice brims with revulsion and barely-contained disgust, and a thousand tiny legs of sound shoot out of the song’s slim, agile structure. As “Facework” shimmers through each revolving minutia — courtesy of Bright Eyes members Nate Walcott and Mike Mogis, who produced the track — […]