StS9 Set for Dimensional Travel


With Summer winding to a close, we have entered the time when everyone begins to unveil their New Year’s show locations, with many groups performing for multiple days leading up to exciting yearly countdown. The beloved five piece electronic group, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, or more commonly STS9 is planning one of these new years calendar runs at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia with a four concert series. The event is to be called STS9 “In The Fourth Dimension”–commenting on either the four show series, or their ability to transport a crowd inter-dimensionally I could not say– but the southern shakedown is sure to be quite the spectacle. Purchase tickets from their array of concert dates below, with inclusions of limited 4-day tickets and single day tickets available Friday, August 28th.

Concert Dates:
Wed 12/30:
Thu 12/31:
Fri 1/1:
Sat 1/2:

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