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Turnover will make you forget the term pop-punk ever had any negative connotations. The Virginia Beach quartet’s nimble, shoegazey sophomore album Peripheral Vision cuts through depression with airy guitar hooks that soothe even as the lyrics probe emotional wounds. When it comes to wounds, “Cutting My Fingers Off” soars above the rest of Peripheral Vision, a bitter, howling rumination. We’ve also heard the soft hope of “Humming” and the dream-gloom of “New Scream.” Now, the entire album is streaming a week before its release, and it’s full of the same concentrated angst, dreamy snarls of guitar work, and fervent, personal imagery — “Your father doesn’t like me because I’m not into sports” on “Diazepam” especially makes me chuckle. Listen to the whole thing below.

Peripheral Vision is out 5/4 via Run For Cover Records.

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