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Stream Pale Angels' 'Imaginary People' for Sugary Sweetness Delivered at 120dB

There are only two words in the term "pop punk" but more often than not, the latter identifier trumps them all. Pale Angels ride the line of pop and punk famously, never veering too far down one in favor of another while staying true to both. Imaginary People is their testament to this approach and their new album, which leans heavily on guitars and pointed lyricism but keeps melodies in the forefront and never wimps out. Early Dinosaur Jr. is clearly one influence, as is Gun Club, Replacements, Meat Puppets, and any number of early 80s bands with loud guitars and punk attitude. Their new LP is out now, and even though Mikey Erg is no longer with the band, they rip nonetheless. Stream it in full below and order a copy of the Ben Greenberg produced effort.

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