Some may succeed by focusing on very high buy-in tournaments

The Negreanu – Negreanu version of the requirements as a professional poker player describes what a poker player must go through to achieve that financial goal. He must win enough, he warns, to pay his bills (food, rent, medical care, travel expenses, etc.) and still have enough left over for the hefty poker banknotes. To “get” enough to achieve that goal, Negreanu warns you have to play long hours at a very high stakes poker game.

Given the inherent variance of a poker game where luck (like it or not) is a factor, can you imagine how much cash you would need? And, do you have the endurance for all those hours sitting at the poker table? Some may succeed by focusing on very high buy-in tournaments – and being very lucky. There is always a possibility, but very rarely.

He likens the task to that of an athlete who aspires to reach the big leagues: “Less than 5 percent of footballers in the minor leagues will ever make the big leagues,” he warned. “Most will fail.” Then he added, “This also applies to poker.” On that basis, poker players hope to become pros, perhaps thinking of themselves as minor leagues at the poker table. That makes perfect sense. Some will win enough to qualify as professional (so called) poker players.

All things considered, here is my advice for everyone who enjoys mental challenges (helps our mental and physical health) and social interactions while playing poker – at whatever stakes you choose: Adjust to be labeled a “recreational player.” It is a person who enjoys the game immensely, and loves to win, but would never hope to make a living with it.

Even so, make sure you have funds set aside or a job / business to enable you to live a decent life, support your family, and save for your most recent retirement – even when you have a losing streak. And it will.

Updated: November 27, 2020 — 12:13 pm