Roosevelt – “Night Moves” Video

New-wave/disco producer Roosevelt (aka Marius Lauber of Cologne, Germany) is back in full force after the success of 2013’s Elliot EP. Since that release, we’ve heard a cover of John Martyn’s “Small Hours,” but this new track, “Night Moves,” feels like the beginning of a whole new collection from Roosevelt. The video for the song, directed and produced by Sophia Ray, follows the journey of one nighttime reveler who is eager to showcase both his dance moves and his electrified jacket. There’s a cheerful, innocent air to the whole thing, a story that takes place at hole-in-the-wall dance floors, not posh clubs. If you live in Brooklyn, the place he ends up dancing his heart out will probably remind you of our own beloved Bossa Nova Civic Club. Watch it below.

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