Oso Oso – “Another Night” (First Listen)

Oso Oso make me really happy that spring is finally here. “Another Night” is the kind of jam you want to play with the windows open, blasting loud for everyone to hear. The band is the new project of Jonathan DiMitri, former frontman of State Lines, who occupy in the same high-octane punk arena, but his new work forgoes grit for something a little more crystallized. Oso Oso’s upcoming debut album Real Stories Of True People, Who Kind Of Looked Like Monsters, is filled with the kind of prickly, biting punk that rings with boundless energy. On “Another Night,” DiMitri asks, “Are you ever gonna let me in?” in one of the brief respites from a frantic drum-and-guitar assault, and it’s hard to resist just opening up. Listen below.

Real Stories Of True People, Who Kind Of Looked Like Monsters is out 6/9 via Soft Speak Records.

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