Nicki Minaj Responds To Remy Ma

Remy Ma might wanna think twice before releasing another diss track towards Nicki.


The beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma seems to have found his conclusion. And it did not even take a a full song for the case to be settled. Minaj was content to publish a message, the rest is now history.


Remy Ma has released two diss tracks for Nicki Minaj: “shETHER” and then “Another One“. The reason ? A line on Gucci Mane’s song “Make Love” (“Oh, so you’re the queen here?”) Nicki Minaj has no time to make a diss, only hits, and she put an end to all the questions in one sentence: “Young Money Do not Do Diss Records, We Drop Hit Records.”


More precisely, the female rapper’s full message stated that “disses can sometimes be lies” and that Young Money only publishes hits “and diss u ON them”. And not for nothing, it’s worth every “diss track” that the she could potentially publish in response. In addition, Minaj has released three new tracks, including the infamous “No Frauds” featuring Young Money’s Drake and Lil Wayne.




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