Mysterious Kendrick Lamar Album Tracklist Surfaces Online

Is this Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album tracklist?


A mysterious PDF file has surfaced online, which seems to be Kendrick Lamar‘s upcoming album’s tracklist. The list includes 14 tracks and provides track by track breakdown of full credits. It seems very legitimate. We would be surprised is this list was completely fabricated. According to this document, guest features include Anderson .Paak, Andre 3000, D’Angelo, Bilal, Q-Tip, Kanye West, Robert Glasper, and Thundercat. Production for the album is provided as well and includes Kanye West, Terrace Martin, Sounwave, DJ Dahi, Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Cardo, Swizz Beatz and Rick Rubin.


Here is the rumored tracklist according to the document.


  1. Purple Hibiscus (Prod. by Sounwave & Terrace Martin) – 08:45
  2. Counterfeit (Prod. by Rahki & Taz Arnold) – 03:26
  3. Trust Everyone (Prod. by DJ Dahi, Terrace Martin & Thundercat) – 06:04
  4. Delusional (Like You Haven’t) (Feat. Anderson .Paak & Anna Wise, prod. Sounwave) – 04:01
  5. Product (feat. Andre Benjamin) (Prod. by Kanye West & Taz Arnold) – 04:11
  6. Richard Nixon (Prod. by LoveDragon) – 05:35
  7. None of Your Business (Feat. Anna Wise, Kanye West, & Q-Tip) (Prod. by DJ Dahi, Kanye West & Sounwave) – 04:52
  8. Double Standards (Prod. by LoveDragon & Rahki) – 03:50
  9. If You Had Me, You Lost Me (Interlude) (Prod. by Flying Lotus & Mono/Poly) – 02:00
  10. Commercialized, Failed Experiments (Prod. by Alchemist, Cardo & Swizz Beatz) – 04:43
  11. Ten Steps (Feat. Bilal, D’Angelo, & Thundercat) (Prod. by Sounwave & Terrace Martin) – 04:59
  12. Paranoia, Is Love Stronger Than Death? (Prod. by K.L. & LoveDragon) – 12:36
  13. Rest in Paradise (Interlude) (Prod. by Terrace Martin) – 02:21
  14. Swim with the Fishes (God Said) (Prod. by Sounwave & Terrace Martin) – 07:09


Kendrick also released a new track “The Heart Pt. 4” yesterday, in case you missed it, in which he teased a new album release on April 7th.

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