Michael Jordan Bets $300 000 A Hole Playing Golf

If his golf skills are half as good as his ball skills, it’s not that bad of a bet.


Astronomical game debts, nights spent at blackjack tables, craziest rumors, over time the gambling addiction of the best basketball player of all time has become more and more documented.


Another legendary basketball player known to have by his own admission swallowed up millions in Las Vegas, Charles Barkley has long paced golf courses with MJ in the days of his habbits.


Invited to The Dan Patrick Show, he let himself be told that his former teammate in the Dream Team was betting 5-figure sums on a single move.
While Barkley only bet a few hundred dollars per hole, Jordan has one day risen up to $300,000! Under such conditions, it is quite understandable that the former Sun no longer frequents the old Bull on the green and all the more considering the quality of his swing.



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