Is Kanye West Dropping A Secret Project Next Week?


Weird signs pointing to Kanye releasing a new project next week.


It’s no secret, Kanye West loves to stir up trouble around the time his new projects are about to drop. Apparently recovered from his little stroke that hit him hard at the end of 2016, the singer is about to drop a new album in a few days?


Kanye West is the one behind the site, seeming to point towards the release on March 20 of a new project? Either it is the work of a prankster, or the rapper has once again orchestrated a campaign of communication to the small onions, set to the millimeter. On the site in question, there is a strange video on the sidelines of the “NASA”, “KANYE WEST”, “PROJECT 10” and “MARCH20” inscriptions, and that’s it. But MTV claims to have received a strange package, with a VHS marked “E PLURIBUS UNUM” as well as a card, flanked by Kanye West and engraved with number 772233688. MTV contacted Number, and fell on a recorded voice message, repeating “SPACED OUT”.


From there, fans of West began to investigate, and it is possible that the “PROJECT 10” seen on the strange website is actually the 10th studio album of the artist, if one counts “Watch The Throne” and “Cruel Summer”. As usual with Yeezus, this is pure speculation. But here it is, whether we like it or not, the buzz around it has been launched.



Mike Hawk
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