In poker we use different chopping forms

When we talk about chopping, we will most likely think of chopping something into small pieces, like chopping a tree or chopping food.

Years ago, when he was young, the iceman would often chop up blocks of ice at the back of his icebreaker so that it could fit into our fridge.

But that’s a long way from how we use the term at the poker table. In playing poker, we can cut the blinds and / or cut the pot. This is common in most casinos visit Domino777.

In blinds poker games, such as Texas hold’em cash games, cutting the blinds is a practice that can occur when two blinds and perhaps one other player is the only one still in the pot after the preflop betting round, all the other players have fouled. their card. Usually not allowed in tournaments.

One of the players who is still in the pot usually asks, “Shall we cut?” If the others still agree, each player takes the chip back. The only exception is that, in most casinos, the dealer will take one chip from the small-blind bet as the casino rake. And then the next hand was immediately dealt – no time was wasted.

In some games, chopping is somewhat rare – especially in loose games. Players are eager to see failure. In tight games, that happens quite often. Recently, I was playing in the $ 4- $ 8 limit game at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino in Gardena, California, when we had 10 pieces in an hour. Extraordinary! But that’s what I saw.

Considering that about 30 hands were chopped per hour, that would be 30 percent of the hands chopped during that time. Wow! I’ve also observed that cutting occurs more frequently in the mornings – early morning and late afternoon. And it happens more often with (recreational) older players in the game, and when the players have a small chip stack in front of them.

Some skilled, deceptive players often use this situation as an opportunity to steal the blinds. If that player is in late position, and all the other players before he has smeared their hole cards, the raise will often win the blind bet. It is best to do the action with at least a mediocre hand if one of the opposing players has been dealt with a sufficiently strong hand – which meets the criteria of the Hold’em Algorithm. (See my book, Hold’em or Fold’em? – Algorithms for Making Key Decisions). Don’t try to maneuver if an aggressive player is one of the blinds; You may be raised. It can be expensive.

Some players may refuse to cut; and prefer to play short hands. The big problem in that case is that the casino rake and drop for the Bad-Beat Jackpot can result in the winning hand getting very few chips. In fact, he may actually lose chips when the remaining players fold after he has made a follow-up bet.

It’s hard to agree to cutting when you’re given a really strong hand. I’ve seen one player reluctantly agree to fold his pocket Aces. She shows her hands to all. And that’s when Aces Cracked on the River gets a big bonus. I feel sorry for him. Too bad. Cutting pots is different. In that case, two or more games have the same win. Then, the dealer divides the pot evenly between them. Each additional chip is awarded to the player nearest the left button.

The same is true when the board displays the best hand, regardless of the individual player’s hand – as long as he or she cannot beat the board. It’s rare but it happens. So now that you know all about chopping, take advantage of that to build up your chip stack.

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