Hinds – “Chili Town”

Hinds are a garage rock quartet from Madrid. Formerly known as Deers — legal action prompted the name change — the four-piece are working on their debut album. Today they’ve shared the bright, slow-rolling “Chili Town.” “I am swimming in the dark / ‘Cause all your friends are sharks,” the girls sing, purposefully out of sync — and God, if that lyric doesn’t hit. These girls are biting and sardonic but play things off as sloppy and carefree. “I am flirting with this guy / Just to pretend I’m fine,” they sing later. It feels good to hear these kind of stripped back truths over some barbed, melodic lo-fi. Listen below.

“Chili Town” is on Hinds’ forthcoming debut album, out this year on Mom + Pop in the US and Lucky Number in Europe.

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