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Here's Cheerleader's "Sunshine of Your Youth" Getting a Sweet Remix by Plastic Plates

It happens infrequently, but it's happening right here: Plastic Plates' remix of Cheerleader's "Sunshine of Your Youth" is better than the original. Well, at the very least it's totally different. The Philly quintet's composition is a slice of catchy-like-crabs indie with the kind of power-pop chorus made for summer roadtrips. 

By contrast this remix—premiering below—is less wide open roads and more boats off the coast of some sun-baked Balearic isle. The guitars are stripped away for a Pet Shop Boys-esque, synth-heavy reimagining. Bravo Plastic Plates a.k.a. NY-based music-maker Felix Bloxsam. 

Cheerleader's debut album, Sunshine of Your Youth, is out on 5.19 via Bright Antenna Records

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