Get Your Tropical Fix With Golden Coast’s Remix Of “Boys”

Tropical House

Golden Coast have been a guilty pleasure since they came onto my SoundCloud feed last year. The LA duo have an irresistibly catchy trop-pop sound to them that makes you daydream about Southern California beaches and pool parties. Testing the waters in a new territory, Golden Coast have just released a brand new tropical house remix of Savannah Outen’s “Boys.”

The theme to day parties in the summer is “jams not bangers” – thanks Viceroy – and this remix is the definition of a jam. Golden Coast don’t go overboard with the production with a breezy flute and ethereal percussion, but they exquisitely layer their fanciful synth chords that add a light but necessary layer of depth. I’m definitely adding this to my weekend playlist and so should you so check it out below!


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