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Drop It Low: Here's the Video for Beatking and Danny Brown's "BDA"

Houston rap titan Beatking is nothing if not economical. He knows what it takes, and he gives you what you need. No more, no less.

Case in point: his latest video for “BDA,” a stripped-down strip-club anthem featuring Danny Brown, off his recent tape, Club God 4

If you thought a rap video required anything other than two captivating rappers, a handful of booty-meat, and a golden throne, you thought wrong. OK, well maybe it helps when one of those rappers is Danny Brown, looking awesome:

Beatking’s been in the game for the better part of a decade: When it comes to ass-bouncing, club-smashing rap music, drop it low before the infinite wisdom of the Club God.

Stream our exclusive premiere of the video below, and grab the tape on iTunes.

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