Crywolf’s Album “Dysphoria” Journeys Through Diverse Waters


Crywolf, out of Los Angeles, California, once again forces us out of our musical encampments with his “Dysphoria” album. With a short history of perpetually admired releases Justin Taylor Phillips proves that music can take different forms. If you are willing to listen you will eventually hear the genius in his creations. He opens the eight track album with “We Never Asked For This” to set an ominous yet promising tone. “Dysphoria” reaches into the electronic rabbit hole and pulls out a multi-instrumental album soaked with lyrical truth of a man with a message. I recommend listening to this album twice. First time to listen to it. Second time so you begin to understand what it means to you. “Shrike” has been added to my “must share with friends” playlist. Which song from the album would you add?

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