Chris Brown Allegedly On A Drug Induced Downward Spiral Since Manager Quit

Chris Brown has apparently been out of control since his manager quit.


Last year, Chris Brown’s manager, Mike Guirguis, quit and sued Chris after the singer had allegedly beaten him to the point where he needed to be hospitalized. Nowadays, videos and Instagram posts make it pretty obvious that the singer in unstable and has embarked on a drug-fueled, self-destructive downward spiral. Apparently, this has been even worse ever since Guirguis has left his side. Ever since the departure of his manager, he has associated himself with member of the Los Angeles Bloods.


It has been reported that his attitude as well as his behavior have become unacceptable to his entourage. A bodyguard confirms that ever since Mike has left Breezy’s side there is no order or authority coordinating security’s schedule or whereabouts. Chris Brown does not seem to be rational or aware of the repercussions of his actions. It was said that when he is mad at any of the staff members on his team, he makes them sleep on the bus instead of a hotel room.


The turnover of his employees has peaked in the last year. Nancy Gosh, his tour manager, quit because it was reported that Chris Brown had threatened to beat her up. Also, his personal publicist, Nancy Ghosh, told the press that she was leaving his side because she was spending most of her time doing damage control instead of doing her job. On that note, the singer would regularly reprimand her on not doing enough to promote his clothing line, Black Pyramid. His addiction and his state of mind have caused him to adopt aggressive behavior. Breezy does not respect any form of authority and has scared off the people that surround him.


Professional help is recommended before he hits his a new all-time low.

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