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Birdman Net Worth

Birdman has an estimated net worth of $150 million.



Bryan Williams , aka Birdman, is a producer and a rapper, born on February 15, 1969 in New Orleans..



In 1991, he and his brother Ronald Williams, who is also known as Slim, founded the hip-hop label Cash Money Records. Before Birdman, Bryan Williams used the nickname B-32 (Baby With The 32 Golds) and released his album I Need A Bag Of Dope in 1993. He was also part of the Big Tymers band with Mannie Fresh.
Birdman has “spiritually adopted” the rapper Lil Wayne, and both have made many musical collaborations. He has also collaborated with artists such as Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, Jadakiss, T-Pain, Hurricane Chris or Jim Jones.



At the young age of 22, Birdman had already surpassed an estimated $40 million net worth.



Eventually Birdman made a distribution deal with Universal Music which would give Cash Money $30 million before any song was even recorded. He also pulled off something The Beatles weren’t even able to do. He negotiated a deal which allowed Cash Money to keep and own their masters. This move is the difference between making a few cents per unit against several dollars of profit per unit sold.
Cash Money Records is one of the most successful commercial labels with no less than 50 million albums sold and annual revenues of more than $100 million. It is home to some of hip hop’s biggest artists and cash kings like Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj.



Birdman has a $30 million condominium in Miami and a $2 million Bugatti Veyron. In addition, he has one of the two ever-built examples of the Maybach Exelero that he offered himself against the modest sum of 8 million dollars.
In 2011, Birdman’s fortune is estimated at $100 million, making him the fourth-richest rapper in the world behind Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Diddy-Dirty Money. In November 2007, Birdman was arrested in possession of more than half an ounce of marijuana. He was released with a $1,500 fine. His latest album, Priceless, was released in November 2009.



To date, Birdman and his brother Ronald have developed an oil company named Bronald Oil & Gas; The head of the Cash Money label, which makes the millions of dollars that Lil Wayne earns him, by investing heavily in energy raw materials.



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